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Dark Dungeons: The Movie


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"Using RPGs to fight evil will never work, because RPGs ARE evil."



How many devils can dance on one side of a D20?

Dark Dungeons: The Movie, a mock-mockumentary that wants to save your soul by raising awareness of the "satanic cult" that is RPG, is available 40% off on GOG.com. That's only $2.99 for the next 48 hours!

In Dark Dungeons: The Movie, college freshmen Debbie and Marcie are excited to start their new lives at a Pacific Northwest university but after being invited to a Zeta Omega Epsilon party the two suddenly find themselves in the strange and occult world of Role Playing Games. The duo are soon hooked on the highly addictive experience that is RPGing and the game quickly becomes a habit that consumes their lives. After Debbie’s intense pagan training through the RPGs lead her to accept an invitation to join a witches’ coven, her grades begin to plummet and she is in danger of flunking out of college. That's just the beginning of the downward spiral that takes young people dabbling in "role-playing" right to the Devil's doorstep! See the horrors that the contemporary college freshmen are facing daily, and educate yourself to prevent them.

Witness the disturbing truth about the troubled youth and their RPG lifestyle in Dark Dungeons: The Movie, for only $2.99 on GOG.com. The 40% off release discount will last only until Friday, September 26, at 9:59AM GMT.


(Yes, it's tongue-in-cheek, this one.)

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The Seven Blunders/Roots of Violence: Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice. Politics without principle. (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)


Let's Play the Pools Saga (SSI Gold Box Classics)

Pillows of Enamored Warfare -- The Zen of Nodding



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