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How is wildstrike supposed to work?


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I think the descriptions are somewhat vague, from what I gather it's probably one of the following:


1) Increases all damage of the picked type


that's what the description on the character creation seems to imply:

"Druids select a damage type that is added to any attack they use that inflicts damage of one of those types to a target"


2) adds damage of the selected type to the next auto attack (after a spell cast?)


when creating a druid and hovering the icons the tooltip reads:

"The druid's knowledge of the [damage type] allow him or her to inflict additional [damage type] to the next attack"


3) adds damage of the selected type to all auto attacks


On the in game character sheet under active effects the effect is described as:

"5% Damage as [damage type]"



I can't find very compelling evidence for either by looking at the combat logs.

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