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Quest Item/Money + Stash + Take All = Broken



[Description of the issue]

When you use the "Take All" option to place items in your stash any quest item/money/(camping supplies - untested, but wouldn't be surprising) are not treated in the appropriate special way, but are instead placed in your stash


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Start a new game

2) Find a container with money in it/go to the currier shop and loot the hidden item where his key is

3) Click on your stash

4) Select "Take All"

5) Note that the item is now in your stash instead of the normal special behaviour


[Expected behaviour]

Quest items should be added to your quest item area. Money should be added to your money total. Camping supplies should be added to your camping supply total.


[Other remarks / Comments]

Use of "Take All" is required as you cannot drag/drop these types of items into the stash.  I would guess that the blocking of drag/drop was intentional to force you to loot them so the special behaviour would occur... but that seems like a really weird design decision.  Far better would just to have them treated appropriately regardless of where/how they were looted.


At least this is an improvement on last patch where using "Take All" at any point would break quest items...

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