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[Bug] Combat Log does not show correct calculations



All in all, the UI has been made much more responsive. Still some improvement to be done, but great work so far! :)


There's a problem with the combat log. I'm not sure it it's displaying the incorrect damage calculations, or if it's displaying the correct calculation but the damage is being calculated incorrectly. Either way, it needs to be fixed.


[To reproduce]

  1. Use any damaging ability or attack on a valid target
  2. Manage to hit, crit, or graze
  3. Mouse over the appropriate entry in the combat log
  4. Note that the damage calculation doesn't appear to add up. It'll say (for example) 40.3 - 10.0 = 27.4 or something similarly not correct.


[Expected behavior]


Damage calculation in combat log should add up.


I've attached a few screenshots to demonstrate:









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