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I was observing gameplay videos on youtube the other day. I have not seen anybody mention it, but what really bothered me was the atmosphere/ambience of the village. I was not expecting villagers/commoners to have full day activities, however I was hoping for something more than standing aimlessly entire time ala BG/IWD. What is more, there were very little ambient sounds. While nature sounds were rich, there were very little noises from commoners, they did not have any voices when you click them. This makes the village feel dead. I was expecting at least something like that when you enter house, people will greet you, say something, turn towards you or at least somehow indicate that they noticed you.  In this case, BG is actually far superior, with rich ambience, people in the inns were sitting and drinking, not standing when there is so many places to sit and when you went on killing spree, they started running from you and yelling.If it is going to copy IWD/NWN 2 with low ambience and all the commoners/NPCs will just stand or walk without reacting to the world, it will really damage the overall atmosphere of the game and ability to immerse into the world.


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