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[BUG] Stealth autopauses when entering area where Hidden Object already found

Ink Blot




Found the stash of loot on the body/skeleton outside the Ogre cave. Looted it. When leaving the cave again while in Stealth mode, or when entering Stealth mode outside the cave, autopause is triggered. But the hidden object has already been found.




1) Go into Stealth mode outside the Ogre cave when first arriving there.

2) Find the skellie with the hidden stash, and loot it.

3) Enter the cave.

4) Exit the cave either in Stealth mode or activate it immediately upon exiting.

5) Note that the game will autopause even though you've already found this particular hidden object.




I would expect that once a hidden object has been found, it would not only always remain visible to the party, but that it would not trigger a further autopause when in Stealth mode upon entering the area again.

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