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Interview with Feargus Urquhart

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Too bad the memory (and disappoinment) of DA2 is still fresh.

The disappointment was mostly based on the fact that DA2 wasn't exactly like DA:O. DA:O was a CRPG, DA2 was an ARPG. People who got over it enjoyed the game (like I did) and people who couldn't get over it whined. And whined. And whined. And some are still whining even now.


DA2 had nothing to do with aRPGs. It was a just a bad game that was created in too short a time. Levels were reused all the time, and challenge in combat consisted in sendingspawning wave after wave of enemies who abused that your best abilities were on cooldown. It didn't help that you could no longer gather loot for your companions and customize them that way. 

The camera not allowing tactical view anymore didn't help as well. 

I don't remember much about story anymore except I liked that you had your house where you did missions from. That probably means it didn't suck and it wasn't awesome as I remember both of those. 

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