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 Yay! :D lol


Will be approximately two-three pieces like that every week.


Eventually, we're going to have something completely and groundbreakingly new that we're calling a "weekly". Like a weekly ..magazine. Yes, like a magazine that comes out every week. So people can stay reasonably up to date without wearing out the reload button, or reading through reams and reams of junk, carefully timed press-release rewrites, and hype-pieces along with a full-page ad for the same game. Obviously we're taking credit for coming up with this... but the concept seems oddly familiar to me somehow... hmm.. As if someone used to do this before, a long time ago, before clickbait controlled the world, and Jimi Hendrix fought the Nazis with fuzz-guitar, and so on..

The injustice must end! Sign the petition and Free the Krug!

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