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Interaction mechanic for dialogues

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Hi all,


can't await this wonderful game. I got a question regarding the dialogue system. For RPG reasons (and because I like to take thiefes, bardes and so on as NPC since they are interesting charakters) I often play the tank. At the same time, I absolutely love to have a lot of dialogue options.


Question: When I start a dialogue, is it the highest charisma (intelligence whatever...) skill in the whole group which is counted or the skill of the person who opened the dialogue?


If it's the one who opened the dialogue: Is it, as a result of that, recommended to play a charakter with good dialogue skills as main charakter if I want all dialogue options?


Thank you!

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Regardless of who starts the dialogue it's always the attributes and skills of the main player character that are checked. However unlike traditional rpgs there is no single dialogue skill or attribute. In fact all skills and attributes get checked at some point so a character with high might is as likely to have dialogue options to select as a character with  high intelligence. Having said that it does appear that lore and perception tend to get checked in conversations more often than other skills and attributes (in the beta anyway; things may be different in the full game). In any case the gated dialogue options are not always the most effective choices.


tl:dr: you can choose any build for your main character - as long as two or more attributes/skills are pumped you should have a fair range of dialogue options.

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Thanks for this explanation. Does this mean I got some different dialogue options with a tank (strong strength) then with a mage (strong intelligence)? That sounds really cool, I have not seen that before. It would increase the authenticity and the replay factor.

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