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Disappearing Ears if an elf or orlan wears a rugged hat



If you equip an elf or orlan with the rugged wilderness hat the ears of them will disappear see screenshots below.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1. get a rugged wilderness hat (I think you can get it from the hidden container in the tower with the wolves in dyrford crossing)

2. equip it to an elf or orlan.

3. see that the ears are completely missing by an elf and floating in the air by an orlan.


[Expected behaviour]

The game should still show the ears of orlan and elves.


[Other remarks / Comments]

The ears are shown for humans, aumaua and dwarves if you wear the rugged wilderness hat.






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Hello again Mr. Prometheus,


Another good find. After a little bit of research this is every helm across the board. I've added it to our bug data base and we will work to fix it before the next Beta update.


Keep up the good work citizen.  :dancing:

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