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Promo videos aren't doing the visuals justice

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This isn't feedback on the beta exactly, but feedback on marketing based on what I've seen in the beta.


The game looks gorgeous. The promos ... do not.


I'm an early backer and a big fan of the design team, so there was little chance of my being put off the game by anything I saw in a Youtube video. But the fact is I've been worried over the past couple of months looking at what's been released to promote the game. In a little low-res video frame, it's not possible to see the detail and lushness of the environments, and up til now I've been thinking that the game's look was old-fashioned in a bad sense, and something I was going to have to look past or put in a context of tolerant nostalgia in order to enjoy.


Obviously, this is not a game that is primarily about cutting-edge graphics. But having seen the beta on my screen I realize that what had come across to me as a weakness is in fact one of the game's strengths.


I hope there's a plan in place for promos that will take a little more trouble to show off the design. Just taking the time to have the camera pan over details of a scene while Josh talks -- rather than having a "let's play" running in the background, partly obscured by an inset screen of an interview -- would do a lot show off what your artists have done.


Or heck, just put a note at the beginning of the videos: "Watch this in HD -- it's worth it!"


Even I had been a little worried up til now, and I (as both a fan and a past fan of BG etc) am perhaps your most forgiving possible audience.

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I must admit i feel/felt that the games graphics/visual are much, much better than i had anticipated. I agree that it does't seem to show PoE in the best light from teasers i have seen. For myself personally i feel that it will age aswell as fallout 2 ( Still looks great to me regardless of advances with modern graphics )


In saying that any thought of an almost copy paste Fallout 3 based on the Fallout 1/2 model Obsidian?? No....Well... Thought i would just ask....again.. :biggrin:

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