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Pledge for a physical copy on August 23 despite the crowfoundings ends at Aug 22

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^Crowd-funding was extended through the weekend (til Monday morning California time) so you'll get whatever you pledged for.

Edit: So yes, there shouldn't be any delay with sending you the goods once they're out (Winter 2014 is the current release date)

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I know, I got another T-shirt, some PoE playing cards, and the digital strategy guide.


This way, when PoE comes out, I can play solitaire wearing an Obsidian shirt, underneath a Pillars of Eternity shirt, underneath another Obsidian shirt, irksomely checking the strategy guide after getting total party wiped by beetles, thanks to being distracted by the aroma of cornbread in the oven made from Tim Cain's cookbook, long after reading Chris Avellone's novella, all while listening to the game's incredible, dulcet soundtrack by composer Justin Bell.  

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All Stop. On Screen.

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Guest Madolite

I had some issues pledging, regarding a wrongly registered account (though forums instead of through PoE page directly). So I'm wondering if this is one of the reason they extended the pledge (because it affects more people than just me).


I got the game yesterday and I had no problem, although I bought the digital version (but that shouldn't be relevant, a pledge is a pledge either way).

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