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Hi this is my first post.

I completed PoE Becker Beta and this project have many many many bugs compared to Wasteland 2 update beta 51166.


-weapons that I bought in the store or found after loading the game disappear

-One of the priestly spells instead help me killed three members of my team.
 That's not all then got up and fell down, and so all the time

-After the battle often one of my characters continue beating.

-Window character stats is bugged

-Level UP is bugged many many crash and black screen.

-Often, I do not see weapons which I assume

-Optimizing the game is rubbish compared to the Wasteland 2. Wasteland 2beta in my comp 2120 i3 [4gb ram] have 30 fps medium resolution and  details. Pillars of Eternity have 8-12 fps in my comp - I do not know why, maybe because you can not adjust graphics options.


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