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[Bug] Apparently Available Slots in Inventory Not Actually Available



[Description of the issue]

Loot screen displays the number of available spaces believed by the game to be correct although the inventory screen shows more available spaces. Despite appearing empty in inventory screen and loot screen, attempting to fill these empty-looking spaces with items results in strange outcomes.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Load linked savegame.

2) Open inventory and note that Main Character (character #2) and BB Wizard (character #5) appear to have 6 and 8 available inventory slots respectively.

3) Click on nearby container on ground (spider corpse) and note that although the spaces are still visually represented as empty in the loot screen, the number corresponding to the available spaces for the main character and BB Wizard are listed as 2 and 7 respectively.

4) Open inventory and add move 2 items to Main Character's inventory and 7 items to BB Wizard's inventory.

5) Close inventory.

6) Click on nearby container again and note that the number of available spaces for these characters have changed from '2' to 'FULL' for main character and from '7' to 'FULL' for BB Wizard.

7) Open inventory and attempt to move items to any of the Main Character's 4 visually empty slots, items will be redirected to inventory of BB Fighter (Character #1).

8) Attempt to move items to BB Wizard's 1 visually empty slot and the items will disappear.


[Expected behavior]

Visually available inventory slots should be available, items shouldn't disappear.





DxDiag Attached


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I have this bug as well, think it's a known one since I've seen many talking about it. I've had a key and various weapons disappearing on me from time to time, but seems like they are still in inventory since I can't replace the slot they used to be/are in with another item. 

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