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Suggestions: Hotkeys, Combat feedback, Control options


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Finally got this unoptimized game to work on my computer...Thank you very much fluffle.

a few suggestions right off the bat:

1- I concur about the craziness of combat: one glaring issue I see that I don't think has been mentioned yet is the relatively slow "death animations." With the very transparent selection circles under the enemies (too transparent to see), I don't know which enemies are down and which are not fast enough to select the next enemy. I am pausing battle every 2 seconds because I'm waiting for the enemy to go down to select the next one. Another issue is the lack of contrast among the various combatants. With the spell animations on top of the lack of defined edges of character silhouettes, I can't see where an enemy outline starts and where it ends. This along with the blended feel I get when looking at the battlefield makes it really tough to tell how many units are on the field.

If need be, go for the VATS style complete outline with a red or blue of the silhouette for each character, friend or foe. That should make telling characters apart easier.

2- The controls option requires two very important options: (1) scroll speed both with mouse and with keyboard. As I understand it, the current speed is locked to the FPS of the game. With a scroll speed, allow players to move multiples of 2/0.5 in either direction when moving the screen. Put another option for scrolling speed for keyboard only. (2) Mouse sensitivity/speed. I move my mouse much faster than the game is reacting. I need sensitivity.

3- What the heck is going on with these hotkeys? The hotkeys are extremely unintuitive and all over the place. Furthermore, the actual things that require hotkeys (abilities) have no hotkeys at all. Abilities require hotkeys because hotkeys allow a more useful approach to combat (the one time where speed and agility of the player actually matters). I don't care about a hotkey for the options (which should be utilizing the F-keys anyway. What I care about in hotkeys is the ability to reselect commonly accessed buttons (ABILITIES). This is where if Obsidian followed the RTS/MOBA approach, it would be ok.

Along the same lines, the current delineation of abilitiesh passive/active/per-rest/per-encounter is completely unintuitive. Filter these abilities based on increasingly fine categorizations. Passive abilities shouldn't even be shown on the hot bar in the bottom left. They're passive and so you can't even really toggle them. Modal abilities should be in a category of their own. It should be quickly evident which abilities are "switchable" (modal) and which are not. Right now some of the abilities which are modal are sitting next to active abilities and it's unintuitive. I haven't played with all the abilities, but I will try to sit down and look at each classes ability list up to level 5 today and come up with a better positioning for them.

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