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Armour & Weapons Design (beta version)


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Part tribute, part praise.

I just wanted to say clap:



This is part of something a lot of people engaged themselves in. Got to Part 5, a discussion that lasted more than a year, probably! Screenshots from various inspiration sources, that was a plead to have technologically cooler, authentic/thematic and better looking armor than boob-plates and muscle shoulderplates and Baldur's Gate armor.

Armour and weapons design: Success!! :) 

Imo, everything looks great, but some wooden weapon handles, staves and wands, look a bit thick in the Character view. And I think you can get a Heavy Brigandine, which looks bronz-y in the icon, but when equipped t becomes all blank/silvery. Either the 2D inventory icon needs to change in palette or the 3D model needs to.

What do you think? Not of the character or hairstyles, but armor and weapons. 

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