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Bug: Morning Star on floor of inn, can't pick up

Dray Truoc


[Description of the issue]

Was in the inn in Dyrsford.  Just in front of the bar is a morning star on the floor.  Can't pick it up or interact with it.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

Not sure what caused it.  I don't recall seeing it on my first play-through, and I didn't drop a weapon here?


[Expected behaviour]

If there's a weapon on the floor, I should be able to pick it up.



Screenshot attached.  Look just in front of the bar next to highlighted character.  Sorry, no save game to attach!


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Hello Dray Truoc,


Thanks for the feedback. I believe this is nested in the known issue where items are being lost on transitions and save/load. We hope to find a resolution for this in a future update.


Please continue to enjoy the backer beta and thanks for the support!  :lol:

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