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Character creation UI: ranger can start without animal companion



Not sure if to mention this. Most probably known?


You can start the game with a ranger without getting her animal companion.


1) Start new game

2) Select any non ranger class (like Fighter) and continue with other character creation steps (like character attributes for example).

3) Click on the class option and then select Ranger (so now instead of being a Fighter, you would be a Ranger).

4) Once selected Ranger, don't click next but your last character creation step (in my example, the character attributes).

5) Finish character creation and start the game.

6) Ranger has no animal companion (and if he gets one by default, I surely don't know which is the "summon" key for it).


And I say Ranger but you can do the same with Wizards, for example. And not just your character, but also the adventurers that you can hire. I haven't tried yet to level up one of this characters to see if they get to select the missing stuff on level up but it doesn't change the fact that:

--> You shouldn't be able to start the game (or hire an adventurer) if any of the class features (companion, spells...) is not selected by the player.


(Being able to start the game without spending any attribute point sounds crazy too but maybe someone could find a challenge to play Gimpy McGimp)

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