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[Bug] Wizard Grimoire+Temp.Fix


No tag for "Abilities" or "Powers".

The all famous Wizard Grimoire bug. This is a game after having "Verified Pillars of Eternity Game Cache" in Steam.

1- I finished Cat and Mouse backwards (Nyfre first then Medreth then Nyfre for turn in)
2- Went to Dyrford Crossing, fought a group of beetles
3- Rested
4- Snuck past next group of beetles to get over river
5- Fought against some spiders Cave entrance
6- Entered Cave
7- Realized Grimoire Bug (Grimoire selected)
8- The Grimoire is Shared between all Wizards in the party
9- Tier 2-3 Spells now work in the quick bar on the Orlan.
10- But BB Wizard can't cast any spells anymore.


Expected: Both, or more/all, Wizards should be able to "Memorize" their own Spells and cast them from their own quickbar.




EDIT: For non-Obsidian staff: With this you can make a Wizard and test out different spells/builds, but the BB Wizard is going to be left stranded (dead-weight). (P) hotkey in the Inn doesn't work for me.

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