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Open Door Pathfinding issue




Maybe this falls in the known pathfinding issue but it seems somewhat specific to me so I report it.


[Description of the issue]


I have remarked this only in the Dyrford Ruins atm.


With the group selected, BB Rogue in near the closed door. I click with the cursor in Open Door Mode. BB Rogue does not move, door opens, but the rest of the group starts to backtrack as if to go in front of the door as if not opened yet.


This is reproducible every time I open the door.


This is the position just before. 



After clicking, as you can see the other characters are running backwards.



[steps to reproduce]

If need be I can provide a save game, just in front of this particular door in order to reproduce.


[Expected behaviour]

Nobody moves (or the closest to the door moves to be near enough to open it) and the door opens.


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Hello RezoApio,


Our pathfinding system just received a huge update and will be released in the next backer update. This should change the way that these doors and obstacles are handled, but will probably surface some minor issues as it becomes polished. I'll keep an eye out for this particular one in the new builds.


Thank you for your feedback and support during the beta!   :grin:

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