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BB Fighter has a black hole in his pocket (+crash)

Doc V


While I was looting some corpses, I noticed something odd: even though BB Fighter had a free slot in his inventory, the looting window claimed that his inventory was full and did not let him pick up any loot. While investigating, I tried moving an item into BB Fighter's inventory from another character and had it disappear completely.


The bug seems to work like this: moving items around BB Fighter's inventory works fine. Moving items from another character into any slot in BB Fighter's inventory works fine as long as he has at least two free slots. However, if my BB Fighter only has one free inventory slot, attempting to move an item from another character into it will delete the item.


Steps to reproduce:

1) Load this save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hydixt9o3m5ikmm/1ac4bee9718543c783dceaf8318bb199%20DyrfordRuins%207850236.savegame

2) Open the inventory window

3) Move any item from any other character's inventory into the open slot in BB Fighter's inventory


Also, after playing around with this for a while, I tried to quit into the main menu and the game froze. I've not been able to reproduce it so I'm not sure if it was related to the inventory bug or just a coincidence, but I've attached the output log regardless.


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Hello Doc V,


Fortunately this issue was discovered recently and is in the hands of our programmers to find a solution. It seems to simply treat the character as though they have one or more fewer inventory slots. If you are seeing items disappearing then they are likely jumping into another character's inventory or into the stash. (Though in rare occasions, they can actually disappear).


We are working hard to have a resolution for this by the next backer update.


Thank you for your feedback and please continue to enjoy the backer beta!

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