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Stuck character bug, more observations



There seem to be at least three different variants of the infamous stuck character bug:


1. Triggered by weapon-swap in mid-reload animation (reproducible) 

-> Character can't be selected by clicking on toon or portrait, but can be selected by dragging on the ground for the rectangle

-> When selected, weapon sets and modes can be swapped, but won't respond to commands


2. Triggered in combat for unknown reason

-> Character can be selected normally and responds to all other commands than move; if close to map exit, can exit map and he will follow, but will remain unresponsive


3. Triggered when character falls in combat due to stamina hitting zero; when gets up, is unresponsive as in (2) above

-> Behavior same as in 2. Could be the same bug.

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When this bug crops up, I can usually fix it by saving my game and reloading. 

Yes, that works.


I haven;t tested extensively, but it seems to me this occurs more often if the character that gets stuck was hit by a paralysis type effect while in combat. Anything that prevents them from moving.

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