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Dyrford Ruins: Description Visible Through Wall



It is possible to read the description flavour text if an item is within a certain range. Regardless of whether the character is in the same room as the object.


1. Enter Dyrford Ruins

2. Click magnifying glass from location pictured below

3. Character paths to area close to magnifying glass but not in room.

4. Flavour Text Displays 


[Expected behaviour]

Area Flavour text should only be visible if within the same room as location being viewed / within the visual range of character


The only place that I have noticed that this is in the Dyrford Ruins (picture attached). This is a result of clicking on the magnifying glass and allowing the character to path to the nearest location wherein they stop and the description is displayed. Possibly would not occur if room doors were opened and character could path more correctly to it. 


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Hello generic.hybridity,


I believe this issue is nested in the fact that you can see objects behind walls that you do not have direct line of sight to. However, I will look into this further as it might be an issue if you had your party separated and were clicking on the inspect icon in a similar way.


Thank you for your feedback and I hope you are enjoying the beta!

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