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Old dungeon key after reload

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Hello Obsidians,
First of I must say that reporting bugs through forum is horrible, searchin for something to not doublereport is almost imposible :
back to defect:
I was playing in dungeon bellow tower and somewhere get old dungeon key, when I get into blood pool I reloaded save before I enter it. Now I am missing key to open doors to blood pool and I lost some of my looted equipment (including equiped one)


Also it seems that I am unnable to attach save game, will try again later


df5174156c2d4b768340503a8a7b764a DyrfordRuins 7673799.savegame

You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file



Crap when I was searching for 'old dungeon key' I end up in wrong forum, can moderator please move this?



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