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[Request] Increase Zoom Ranges



I've been testing the beta on my desktop, which has a large 1440p monitor. This is fine, but it's rather large compared to the monitors many people are using. To do some comparison testing and see how the game scaled on different display sizes, I decided to install the beta on my laptop, which only has a 768p screen.


What I found was rather surprising (though it probably shouldn't have been): the game doesn't actually do any scaling on the game space. 


Below is an overlay of the 768p screen on the 1440p screen (the red border is not part of the smaller screen). Note that I didn't scale these at all - the overlay was pixel perfect. As a sidenote, the forum seems to be downscaling and compressing these images, so they'll be smaller than they'd normally be.


Screen comparison, 768p on 1440p, fully zoomed in:



Screen comparison, 768p on 1440p, fully zoomed out:



This next screenshot does involve a bit of scaling. I matched the fully zoomed in 768p image with the fully zoomed out 1440p image:



Finally, this screenshot shows all the levels of zoom together. The yellow is the 768p screen (zoomed in and out), and the red (and picture border) is the 1440p screen (again, zoomed in and out).



Yes, the zoomed out 768p screen is smaller than the zoomed in 1440p screen with respect to field of view. The obvious consequence of this is that the higher the resolution that you play on, the further out the game appears to be.


At present, the built-in zoom only covers a fraction of this resolution-based zoom. I'd like to request that the zoom levels be increased to allow for higher resolution screens to get closer to the action.



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