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Aelys Does Not Talk After Battle




I'm playing as a cipher. After cleaning Aelys of memory and subsequently defeating the animancer in the ruins below town, I find that Aelys does not respond to being clicked on. 


List of steps:

1) Load attached savegame

2) Move to Aelys in the central chamber-thing

3) Click on Aelys



I peeked at the dialogue xml, so I know that Aelys should be responsive regardless of the fight's outcome.



I presume this might have something to do with the loss of quest logs (and variables too, maybe?) relating to Aelys' rescue, but I'm not sure.



The save's output is attached to this post. Because both files combined exceed 1 MB, I'll have to upload the save in a subsequent post. Also, the uploader won't take .savegame files so I've changed it to .txt in hopes that it will upload. Feel free to change it back.

output_log (8-20-14).txt

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