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Post Combat Bug: Stuck Characters



This issue has popped up a few times on the forums already but i thought id drop my two cents. Hope it helps



Fought Medreth's band of followers using the <A> button to force the combat and then BB Fighter and BB Rogue became stuck in place as if held. 



1) Standard formation party, BB Fighter activates Defender ability

2) BB Fighter with a <A> button to force the combat attacks the follower of Medreth who has a boar companion

3) No characters use any abilities besides melee attacks other than BB Fighter (Defender) and BB Rogue (Reckless Assault)

4) Once every enemy is dead both characters are locked in place side by side. While unable to move they are able to rotate. 


Expected Behaviour 

The characters should be able to move after the combat has conclude and there are no status effects.



1) I tested this bug with the party using just the above abilities and a variety. Someone was always stuck.

2) Occurred when characters were both reduced to zero stamina and not (Tried to exclude the knockout effect)

3) Clicking on the characters model on the screen (Not portrait) sometimes opened up the corpse below (Corpse causing movement problem?)

4) On one occasion out of the many i tested this the boar pet would be dead and then come back to live repeatedly to eventual finally die (Different bug)


Note 1: I have attached a screenshot just to show positioning by the end of combat but did not upload a save file as i can't find it where my steam saves usually are. 

Note 2: I have yet tried to replicate this in other combat situations


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