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Too much sharpening on backgrounds?


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I don't know if this is something that can be changed at this point but the very first thing I noticed when starting up the game was that there seemed to be too much sharpening applied to certain areas of the background, particularly foliage, grass, trees etc. It made it look unnecessarily harsh and cluttered to my eyes, and combined with the extreme amount of fine detail and strong contrast between certain elements like the brightest leaves on the tree tops, it was actually kind of hard to look at for me. The very first temple interior for example looked much calmer.


And I'm not sure if it's because I'm trying it out on a 1366x768 screen right now or if it's something Unity does, but I think you should perhaps take a second look at the scaling algorithm used for the backgrounds. I could not seem to find a zoom level that was 1:1/pixel accurate, the most zoomed-in caused some fuzziness and the other zoom levels showed signs of scaling artifacts.


Here is a screenshot where you can clearly see a checkered scaling artifact pattern on the background. It's exaggerated because of a bug I managed to hit upon, but the game exhibits some hints of this normally as well, visible in high-detail areas like grass and so on.



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