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  1. I always save when executing some kind of sneak attack or trying to sneak past an enemy. So I'll have my rogue selected, in sneak mode, and I quick save. I move in, the attack goes badly, and I quick load. I try it again, and immediately have to reload because my entire party rushed in, since after loading the game defaults to having the entire party selected. It would be nice if information on the currently selected characters were included in the saves.
  2. First of all: thanks for Pillars of Eternity. A bit late but I didn't have the hardware or opportunity to play it until now. During the KS campaign I got carried away and backed it with a bit more than I was comfortable with and was afraid the game would be a disappointment, but upon playing it I don't regret it at all. The game is great, I'm 65 hours in and I still haven't finished Act II. The most annoying in-game thing about it is all the immersion-breaking backer stuff (there truly could not be a worse type of game for including this) which I wish you could turn off, but I'm sure that's already been discussed a thousand times. Anyway the second most annoying thing I find is the "walla" or the background murmur in the taverns. The point of it is to be background noise and you're not supposed to pick up anything particular, and while music is playing it's usually fine. Once the music stops however, there is a very noticeable "Thank you. Thaaank yooouuu." line heard among the murmur, which is impossible not to hear when you've noticed it once, and you'll hear it a lot if you spend any time in taverns managing your party etc. because the walla loop is not that long. There's also a less noticeable but still annoying line that goes something like "I've seen all the good [something] I've seen it everywhere." Perhaps I'm being silly, I don't know if anyone else is annoyed by this, but I think it would be great if noticeable speech in the walla could be removed or reduced.
  3. I play the game in 3840x2160 and it works OK for the most part when fully zoomed in but I often find myself wanting to zoom in just a bit further, maybe one or two steps. Would it be possible to implement more zoom levels and the ability to map the default zoom button to a specific zoom level, maybe even a custom min-max range? Perhaps it's already possible to change this in some settings file? I can lower the resolution slightly to achieve the same thing, but then text and UI elements won't be perfectly sharp.
  4. I often encounter a bug where the zoom level is not reset when exiting small buildings. Certain houses increase the zoom level more than what is normally allowed, I assume because of their small size. But when exiting the zoom level stays the same as within the house, until you touch the zoom controls at which point it resets. PoE Steam v2.02, no mods i5 6600K 16GB GTX970 Win 10 x64
  5. Same here, I play in 3840x2160 and get steady 60fps for the most part but Copperlane usually drops to 35-40 and even changing the graphics to lowest only increases the fps by a minuscule amount. Pehaps it's just a limitation of the size of that map combined with Unity. i5 6600K 16GB GTX970 Win 10
  6. Wow, that's sad. And I really have to wonder how this slipped through, because it's pretty much impossible to miss if you look at the backer list for more than 3 seconds.
  7. Not quite sure what you mean, do you have some screenshots to show the problem? The backgrounds are images pre-rendered at a fixed resolution, so if you zoom in too much they will be scaled up and look a bit blurry and low-res.
  8. I'm also in favor of scrapping the 3D characters from the creator/inventory completely. Since the characters and faces are so silly and ugly I'd rather not have to look at them up close at all, and since they're barely going to be visible in-game anyway, there are probably better ways to spend the time it would take to get them up to snuff with enough variety.
  9. I think the portraits are fine. Good thing because the 3D faces are pretty bad in my opinion, so I'm glad they're practically not visible in-game. Some of them, particularly the human and dwarf faces, look like borderline Nintendo Miis.
  10. I don't know if this is something that can be changed at this point but the very first thing I noticed when starting up the game was that there seemed to be too much sharpening applied to certain areas of the background, particularly foliage, grass, trees etc. It made it look unnecessarily harsh and cluttered to my eyes, and combined with the extreme amount of fine detail and strong contrast between certain elements like the brightest leaves on the tree tops, it was actually kind of hard to look at for me. The very first temple interior for example looked much calmer. And I'm not sure if it's because I'm trying it out on a 1366x768 screen right now or if it's something Unity does, but I think you should perhaps take a second look at the scaling algorithm used for the backgrounds. I could not seem to find a zoom level that was 1:1/pixel accurate, the most zoomed-in caused some fuzziness and the other zoom levels showed signs of scaling artifacts. Here is a screenshot where you can clearly see a checkered scaling artifact pattern on the background. It's exaggerated because of a bug I managed to hit upon, but the game exhibits some hints of this normally as well, visible in high-detail areas like grass and so on.
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