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Bugs so far



What are the difference between druid animal shapes, no descriptions given as to what it actually does? they get different abilities but stats passive effects no clue.


Missing moon god head in char creation


Returned to previous area to find all loot back again and able to loot it all.


Crippling strike stops working after a while (mouse over says already active)


If you click to create an adventurer by mistake you have no way of quitting out of it until you have completed creation.


Cant complete quests, have the ogre head but cant hand it in.


Dragon egg does not appear in inventory if you climb down safely with it.


Quests don't update, killed ogre and got dragon egg but both have not updated.


Why doesn't ogre head not got in quest items?


If u pick item out of stash in none rest area you are stuck with it as your pointer.


Characters get stuck in in each other, had to save reload to fix.


Cant tell if you have activated abilities as pressed some 4/5 times and waited till next turn and nothing happens. clerics healing the worst, the innate ability not a spell.


Combat seems quite sluggish and slow when you use abilities seems ok if you just auto attack.


Don't get the 3 dozens versions of currency, do we need to sell these to spend them? currencies for different areas??




ranger starts with less health and never fully heals.


art assets cant tell anything apart.


lots of vff sfx missing

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The other thing is the run speed is far too fast. Maybe it's not a bug, but it should be modified. On that same topic, I would like some sound effects when my party is moving. They are suppose be wearing amour after all. 

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