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[Lupin] Bugs/Glitches Feedback Thread

Arsene Lupin


  1. In the options menu: when clicking on the Game tab, the Graphics tab and Sound tab, all of the tab buttons fail to display. In other words, the Option menu tabs only display properly when viewing the Auto-Pause and Controls tabs.

In character creation, ALL of the portraits are visible at once. Female characters should only see female portraits; male characters should only see more portraits. Otherwise you're forcing the player to scroll through a lot of inapplicable portraits to find the correct ones.

Pathfinding has some serious bugs. Maybe this was intentional, since the Infinity Engine had some notoriously bad pathfinding? Anyway, the two pathfinding bugs I've found are: sometimes a formation "waypoint" will not appear on the map for one character, which will cause the character to "run" off in a random direction with absurdly accelerated movement animations (like 300% normal speed). Secondly, sometimes when moving the party, they will move very, very slowly (with the movement animation slowed to like 30% normal speed) and will stop before reaching the "waypoint." It looks really ridiculous to see them super-sprinting one minute, and slogging about in slow-motion the next. I guess the easiest way to define this bug is: sometimes characters move way too fast, sometimes they move in slow motion. Even NPCs seem affected by the slow-motion/hyper-speed bug.

The icon for the Small Horn Helm on the dwarf party member is incorrect. It is a bag of flour, maybe? This is either a bug, or you haven't finished implementing all the art assets yet and it's just a placeholder icon. Something like a black square with a big red X would be better for a placeholder art, though.

The icon for the player-created character in the GUI has a big white circle on top of it, oriented in the lower right corner. I can't tell if this is supposed to be something or not. A bug? Or an inexplicable feature?

I made my character a ranger with a stag animal companion. Shouldn't the animal companion have a portrait icon or something with the UI? Could this be what the weird white circle is supposed to be? (Clicking the white circle does not do anything).

Not really a bug, but sometimes there is a noticeable delay (input lag) when opening up a menu screen, and other times the menus screens open immediately. This is one of those little polish things that needs to be tightened up as much as possible.

While inside the church near the initial spawn point of the beta, moving the cursor over the area of the map near the exit will sometimes transform it to the proper "area transition" cursor, but it will also sometimes turn into the sword-shaped "attack" cursor. After leaving the church, the cursor remained locked to the "attack cursor" even when using it to move or talk to NPCs. This could be a generic bug with the cursor itself, or something wonky with the area transition in/out of the church.

Game executable suddenly froze/crash and forced me to do a hard-restart to unfreeze as I was unable to end the process via the task manager. The only information I was able to record is that it was using 1680MB or memory when it crashed, and 14% CPU usage on a 3.4GHz quad-core.

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