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Unable to move character and Character sheet garble



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In the underground ruins. BB Priest becomes stuck and can't move, or cast, or anything really. 


In addition, character sheets become gibberish. 



Bumping this because I get the same issue with the character sheet on my latest character, although I don't have an issue moving the character. If you hit TAB, it will clear up the garble, but it doesn't make the character's portrait appear (note in the screenie provided by DCParry that there is no portrait). TAB will allow you to switch from one party member to the next. However, no portraits show, and there is also no character name at the top (the name field just simply says 'Character Name') As well, all the info listed under the character portrait remains exactly the same for all characters when you TAB through them.


Save game file can be accessed here: http://www.upload.ee/files/4226790/58b914c5e16c42e59a7d5e5ae09693be_DyrfordVillage_7887795.savegame.html

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