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Misc Small Bugs



Skin color change for humans in character creation

1. In character creation after choosing gender, click next; the default shown for both male and female is dark-skinned at this point.

2. Choose any different race.

3. Choose human again.

The default humans shown are now both light-skinned, and stay so regardless of further gender/race changes.  There is no similar change for any of the other races.



Gender Icon

Gender icon in the top left of character creation remains male after selecting female.



No statistics shown on mouseover for shield

"Medium Shield (Heater)" gives no information on the shield's effects on your stats on inventory screen mouseover.  However, clicking the question mark icon in the top left and then the shield does give me that information.



Crafting/Enchanting screen inconsistency

1. Open the crafting screen from the inventory.

2. Click "close" or the X; you should now be back at the inventory screen.

3. Open the enchanting screen from the inventory (select question mark from top right, click a weapon/armour, click "enchant").

4. Close the enchanting screen via "close" or the X; you should now be back at the main game screen.

What I was expecting: Consistency.  Closing the enchanting screen should not close the entire inventory.



Priest class unlock icons on level up do not all fit in the little window designated for them (see screenshot).



Multiple functions bound to same key

1. Go to the Options menu, controls.

2. Bind a command to any given key.

3. Bind a different command to that same key; the first one stays bound to it as well.

What I was expecting: Binding a second command to a key already in use should unbind the first command.


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