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The Monk. Animation pet peeve.

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Ok so first off. Thoroughly enjoying what small section of the game we've been given access to. 


That said, as the title suggests I'm somewhat dismayed at the apparent lack of effort put into the Monk combat animations. This is by no means limited to Pillars as all games seem to fail in this regard when dealing with unarmed fighters, but my main gripes are thus.

  • no "en garde" position. All other weapon types have a combat stance when not attacking. The monk however stands in the upright idle position like a numpty :blink: . This spoils the feel of combat and could be easily fixed with a standard martial arts stance.


  • One bloomin punch? :banghead: That's the sum total of our monks combat knowledge...... I get you don't want to have a bunch of over the top fighting animations but if i plan on watching my monk fight for hundreds of in game hours I want him to look a little more impressive than a brawler. Just a bit of foot movement, a kick or a bit of fancier hand work would improve this aspect immensely. Remember its a given people will play the monk as an unarmed combatant a lot if not all the time, so we don't get the gratification of a shiny new weapon as we lvl. 


These are not game breaking, I'm well aware of that. I'm not such a child as to claim this will ruin the game or any of the other such hyperbole people often make but I do feel quite underwhelmed by the monks visuals. 


I don't believe changing this would be back breaking work and I'm pretty confident it would be a welcome addition to any and all monk fans out there. 


I promise I'm sending in proper bug reports as well  :yes:

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