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Rogue stays invisible after using Escape skill



[Description of the issue]

Using BB Rogue's Escape ability during combat caused her to remain invisible even once combat had ended.  Reloading the game fixed the issue, but using Escape again later caused her to remain invisible again.


I shut down the game entirely and was able to replicate the bug with many fights involving multiple opponents - any quick one-on-one battles against the likes of Wurms saw the Rogue become visible again each time, but in a battle against multiple opponents that didn't instantly die (spiders, wolves, beetles etc), the Rogue would often (though not always) remain invisible after using Escape, including post-combat.


Image attached - the rogue has been selected but remains invisible


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you can use the escape one more time to visualize the rogue. He doesn't turn invisible, he partially shifts to another dimention. )

I see the dreams so marvelously sad


The creeks of land so solid and encrusted


Where wave and tide against the shore is busted


While chanting by the moonlit twilight's bed


trees (of Twin Elms) could use more of Magran's touch © Durance


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