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Visual Casting Animation


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I think casting animations need to be more apparent.  In BG and IWD you had mages and clerics wave their hands with energy glowing for seconds at a time and you knew something was gonna happen.  In the beta so far I can't realy tell what's going on.  If I order my Wizard to cast a spell is he gonna cast it or is he attacking with his rod again?  It seemed like my Druid wasn't casting half the spells I told him to.  I don't know if the spells were broken or if the commands just got lost due to him auto-attacking, but it was really noticeable.  And I would re-do the command, not knowing if I had just reset the casting animation the first time or if this time the command went through.


Maybe casters should get a different casting bar over their heads and not use green time bar like characters attacking.  Or if your Lore is high enough maybe the spell icon should appear over an enemy caster's head so you know what he's casting.

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