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Moving items around in inventory can cause items to disappear/relocate/stack.



NOTE: The forum won't allow me to upload .savegame files, so I changed the extension from .savegame to .bmp. Change it back to .savegame if you want to test out this bug.


[Description of the issue]

When moving items in the inventory, items will sometimes disappear, end up in the wrong slot, or stack on top of other items.


[steps to Reproduce]

1 - Load the attached save.

2 - Try to fill up the inventory on the first, third, or fourth character.

3 - On the third and fourth character, when you fill up 8 or 9 slots, moving an item into the final slot(s) should cause the item to vanish.

4 - The first character will instead drop the item down to the equivalent slot on the second character, which can cause item stacking.


[Expected Behaviour]

Items should never stack over each other or disappear.


[Other Remarks / Comments]

Doesn't seem to work on a new game, so there's probably something up with the save and/or the save/load functionality.


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Noticed something that should be added to this.


Stacking items makes the stacked item to disappear.


For example: BB Fighter has 3 bags of grain in one stack. BB Rogue has 2 bags of grain in one stack. BB Rogue gives her stack of grain to BB Fighter combining the stacks (5 bags of grain in one stack). After this you can't move the grain in BB Fighter's inventory anymore but if you pick up something else in his inventory, the stack of grain disappears.

If BB Rogue gives her bags of grain to BB Fighter without combining the stacks it doesn't happen but as soon as you combine the stacks they are gone. Did that make any sense?


Like CatatonicMan wrote, it doesn't seem to happen when starting a new game, only after loading a saved game.

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Generally there seem to be some issues regarding items and inventory management:


- Some items just get lost for no reason

-- I think this was when changing area or reloading --> lead to my wizard having no rod or grimoire anymore thus being absolutely useless. I think many players who cant figure out why their mage has no spells have encountered this issue but havent figured why he lost his spells.

-- Noticed this several times with other items too, after reloading for example the one handed weapon of my fighter and cleric where gone. Dont know if this related to weapon sets anyhow? Only seemed to accur while having two sets with weapons, on my main char with just one set I havent encountered it yet.


- Items change stats:

-- Have equiped two daggers with lets say 13-18 damage, two stilettos with 17-27 in inventory after swapping the weapons out all four items have the same stats.

-- If this is related to ther weapon scaling its damage with character stats that should not happen:  show weapon base damage on the item and show in the tooltip how the damage plays out with the character stats. Dont know if this happens here but its hell alot confusing me.


- Shop prices change after reloading or revisiting


- When I get back to playing this evening I might write these issues down seperatly. For now I just can say there is like a black hole absorbing and changing items ^^

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