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Many many issues in no particular order



Ok, here are my notes after an hour of playing:



 - My Steam is in French and the game installed in French. I started the game once. Then I exited, changed the language to English (through the Steam UI). Now the game launcher appeared in English, but the rest of the game was still in French. It doesn't appear like I can get the game in English at all except perhaps by changing my Steam language and redownloading.

 - Lots of strings missing or not translated. All "Magnifying glass" - points of interest strings are missing, I just see a dark background with nothing on it; UI strings, dialogue options, etc. I won't report them in detail, there are so many everywhere that I assume that little polish has been done in that area yet.

 - "Godlike" was translated "Dieu" - literally "God". Really? Should be "Divin".


Character creation

 - Anti-aliasing is missing on the character. Awful pixel crawling on the chain mail, needs some AF or something.

 - No way to go back to the main menu, at least that I could figure out

 - Some words that are too long appear miniscule, i.e. Détermination on the attribute selection screen

 - No way to zoom on the character's head, making head/hair customization more difficult. NWN2 did this automatically.

 - Hair/skin color buttons didn't work and all their strings were missing.

 - Portrait selection: shouldn't show female portraits for male characters and vice-versa.

 - Voice selection: same issue as for portraits.

 - Hearing in-game music and ambient sounds is weird, should have its own music like all IE and NWN titles



 - After the loading there are a few seconds where you faintly see the game world but it's unresponsive. Should keep the loading screen until the game is ready to be interacted with.

 - Dialogues: I've seen lines starting with the ending "!" of the previous line, should respect non-breaking spaces.

 - Double-clicking the ground with at least one character selected should center the camera like in the Infinity Engine.

 - Right-click and drag to rotate formations has the formations not properly centered on the cursor.

 - I wish I could zoom one or two notches closer to admire my characters.

 - After an area transition, it takes two clicks on the first character you click on to select him. Afterwards it only takes a single click.

 - All items descriptions seem missing.

 - Some items (like the flour bags you find everywhere) are stackable, but you can't stack them yourself in the inventory, they just auto-stack but not perfectly.

 - Inside buildings, ambient sounds are almost inaudible; music takes too much space. I reduced music to 20% and still didn't get much ambient sound. They should play much, much louder. Just fire up BG the first inn or IWD the first inn, that's what I'm expecting.

 - In the Dracogen Inn, the NPC called NPC_Pace was half-transparent. This seems unintended unless she's a ghost or something (which she didn't seem like).

 - Butterflies animations fade in and out which is very strange. Butterflies don't phase in and out of reality. They also seem to like flying in straight lines while butterflies actually tend to fly around spots that interest them. This might seem like nitpicking but if you're going to have ambient animations they might as well make sense.

 - This may be by design, but I was very disappointed at the lack of NPC reactions as I stole from their property right under their nose. Really? Stealing should have some consequences, I mean I understand in most IE games there usually was none, but that never made sense to me. Also it makes it so that since stealing is free and not acknowledged by the game in any way, it's made morally neutral so it's actually just the smart thing to loot everything everywhere. This puts an unnecessary emphasis on looting and feels highly unrealistic. I hope Josh reads this.



 - When you get the quest pop-up at the top-left of the screen it'd be nice to be able to click on it to automatically open the journal at the right page to get more details.

 - the Notes screen is somewhat broken: cannot give titles to entries.

 - the tabs on the side are unintuitive, you can open/close them when you should only be able to select them (there's no point closing a tab, it seems). 2 out of the 4 sub-screens (IIRC)have only one of these tabs so it seems pointless. In general this feels unfinished and it's unclear how to use it.


Level-up screen

 - All "compétences" (skills? talents? I wish I could switch it to English) descriptions are missing. "Points remaining" is untranslated.

 - At the top of the screen there are three tabs, all are clickable but the center one does nothing when clicked on. It makes you wonder if this is broken or intentional.

 - The icons layered on top of these tabs look out of place.

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Hey Zechul,



- You can switch languages at any time in the Options Menu in game.


Character Creation

- All of our weapons/armors and items are being touched up

- Canceling Character Creation will be in the next update

- Text is a known issue that will be addressed

- Zoom during Character Creation is still being talked about

- Hair/Skin buttons will be in the next update

- Portraits are still being added, haven't gotten into restricting them yet

- Voices are also being added, and haven't been restricted yet

- Character Creation Audio is a known issue and we are working on it


In Game

- Freeze after loading is a known issue and should be fixed in the next update

- Double clicking character portraits will center the camera

- Formations have be re-worked and will be in the next update

- Closer zooming a known issue and being worked on

- Double clicking a character after transition is a know issue and should be fixed in the next update

- Item descriptions will be in the next update

- Dividing item stacks is a known issue and should be in the next update

- I just ran through the beta, and the ambient vs music battle seems pretty even. After the next update if you are still experiencing this, send us a video.

- Ms Pace has been brought into our realm

- Butterflies oh those pretty little butterflies

- NPC reaction to theft is being implemented through Reputation with different factions.



- Clicking Quest updates to enter the Journal will be in the next update

- Notes being a little wonk is a known issue, and we are working on it

- Not sure I'm understanding your tabs being not intuitive issue


Level-up screen

- Again you can change your language anytime in the in-game Options Menu

- Level-up screen has been re-worked for the update, should be much more clear


Thanks for playing, and keep the bugs coming. Maybe one at a time next time :)

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