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Murder Too Easy, Profitable



Issue: No one reacts to you murdering people outside. Also, inside of the Dracogen Inn, Sid and (sometimes) the House Harond Guard located in the north, do not react at all to any violence, instead just standing there (although they do go hostile).


To reproduce the issue:

1) go into town

2) find a villager in near a guard

3) attack said villager

4) notice how guard just stands there, doing nothing.


For Dracogen Inn:

1) go into Dracogen Inn

2) attack Dengler

3) notice how Sid just stands there, warming her hands by the fire


Expected Behavior: Guards trying to stop you from systematically cleansing the population of the town.


Other Remarks: I'm uncertain why sometimes the House Harond Guard in the Dracogen Inn sometimes does and doesn't react. It is not an LoS issue, though, I've had him stand there while my dwarf offed him with an arbalest, or while my characters surrounded and wailed on him.

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