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Report & Support & Feedback. Forums and Sub-Forums in Beta Category


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To be able to administer through the threads I believe that these sub-forums could be fundamental to effective workflow and member discussion.

Report - Bug reports, following format only threads.
Support - Questions. These are already piling up in the "Bug & Support" category (actual reports will be beginning to flood the area, which is why I think the "Support" questions will either be overflooded, or in worst case scenario the reporting area gets overflooded with questions rather than reports).
Feedback - In the latest update (#84) it is noted that Obsidian has a high-priority about these points:

High Priority Feedback


As participants in the Backer Beta, you're free to give feedback on whatever you feel like. However, if you'd like to be extra-helpful, there are a few areas where your thoughts would be especially helpful.


  • Classes - Do all classes feel distinct and useful? Does the progression of their abilities seem consistent? Do any classes feel too high-maintenance? Do any classes feel too uninvolved?
  • Races - Do the races and their subtypes feel distinct? Do their models and textures appeal to you? Do their bonuses and special abilities seem worthwhile?
  • Attributes - Do you find any attributes invaluable, such that you would never build a character without emphasizing that attribute? Are there any attributes you consistently dump because they don't seem to have apparent value? Do the attributes seem to skew away or toward different classes?
  • Equipment - Did you like or dislike the variety of weapons, armor, shields, potions, scrolls, and miscellaneous items? What items did you find invaluable or useless?
  • Crafting and Enchanting - How easy were the systems to understand and use? Did you find them worthwhile?
  • Conversations and Quests - Did you enjoy the conversations and quests in the Backer Beta? Were there any aspects of the aesthetics, presentation, or flow of conversations or quests that you didn't enjoy?
  • Combat - Did you enjoy the overall experience of combat, especially pacing, difficulty, and mechanics? Did the basic attack/defense resolution system (Miss/Graze/Hit/Crit) make sense? Was the relationship between damage and damage threshold clear? Was the relationship between stamina and health clear?
  • User Interface - Was character creation enjoyable and clear? Did each stage of the process give you all the information you needed to make choices? Was the main game HUD easy to understand and use? Were any portions of it confusing, poorly-positioned, or did they use visual language that was hard to decipher? Were the inventory, character sheet, and journal interfaces clear and easy to understand/use?


  • I think it is pretty fair to understand why this deserves its own category. I called it "Feedback" in the beginning of this post, but perhaps it should be called "High-Priority Feedback". It could also be a Sub-Forum in General Discussion, with this quote pinned in a first thread. These points above are topic inspiration and topic starters.

    I look at each forum/category/thread as a potential workshop, classroom (in a metaphorical sense).

    Final note: At least it could sort out different feedback in different boxes.
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