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Backer Beta FAQ

Darren Monahan


Having trouble with the backer beta? We'll periodically update this thread with the latest frequently asked questions.


Q: I should have the Backer Beta, but it's not appearing in my Products tab!

A: You may not have completed your pledge order yet. If you visit the Orders tab in your Account Profile and you don't see any orders listed as "Completed" there, it likely means you haven't completed your pledge order yet. To do so, head over to the Backer Portal, verify the amount of money you pledged looks accurate, and then click on the Select Reward button. Once you complete your pledge order, then revisit the Products tab.


Q: I've completed my order, but I still don't see the Backer Beta!

A: The backer beta is only available currently to folks who backed tiers of $110 or more, or to folks who purchased the Backer Beta as an add-on for $25. If you're interested in purchasing the Backer Beta, head to the Backer Portal and click on the Buy Addons button. If you don't see a Buy Addons button, you may not have completed your pledge order yet. In which case, click on Select Reward.


If you haven't backed Pillars of Eternity and want to buy the beta, it's only available if you first back the game unfortunately. In this situation, head to the Backer Portal, click Create New Pledge, add a tier, and then add the beta (if you're buying a tier under $110.)

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