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party composition ideas now that we have all the class updates, and questions about paladins.

fighter paladin barbarian party class

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I would first like to say hello to everyone. I've been lurking around the forums for a long time but I've only made a few posts. I thought that a party composition discussion would be interesting now that we have all of our class updates out of the way.


In the IE games my PC would usually be on the front line as a fighter, paladin, multi cleric/fighter, or something along those lines. So I was really looking forward to update 80.


How do you think paladins will compare to fighters in a tanking role? A damage role?


Do we know if the Paladin abilities such as coordinated attacks, zealous march, and inspiring triumph will stack if more than one paladin is in range?


If these abilities do stack would it be better to have a few paladins in a group working off of each other rather than having  a mixture of other classes on the front line?


For my first party I was considering having 2 paladins and a barbarian up front. If the barbarian's accuracy can be boosted by both paladins then his/her carnage ability might put out some crazy damage.


What do you think? Do you have any other ideas for possible synergies? I'm sorry if some of these questions have already been answered.



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And another of those threads? dude use search

and just ot answear your question, yes paladin skills/auras/traits stack with another paladin in group

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