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Your PoE Pros and Cons: 5 and 5

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Oh, jesus, what ... there is mormonism in New Vegas ... I'm a real-life survivor of that brand-named corporation ... seeing it referenced in a video game turns me right off. Likely with the same sour taste as this misogyny-advocating dreck. 


In a DLC for New Vegas there are members of an unnamed religion that is never specifically labeled as Mormonism and IIRC Josh Sawyer has said it wasn't exactly Mormonism. 


ashtonw. I didn't notice before but your avatar is a cat of Minsc from the BG series. And I see Boo peeking over the cats head. :huh:


Yup... I painted it for fun.. I did Keldorn and Aerie too but Minsc's is my favorite.


josh made very clear that new canaanites developed from mormonism... even the name, honest hearts, is coming from a Brigham Young quote: "Honest hearts make for honest actions."


HA! Good Fun!


Hearts is the DLC I'm going to next, Good to know.

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