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Here's a list of all the videos they've shown from the game to add to the pictures.


Water Flowing,

Ocean Water Flowing,


Two Spell Effects,

How Shadows Work,

How Tree People Move,

Animators having fun / making references



Introducing Pillars of Eternity

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Now that the game is around the corner, I thought I'd necro this thread. Should also update the slideshow with new pictures (but the limit using "Slidely" is only 90 pictures and the editor of it is fairly basic. You can only use one style of sliding the pictures). Looking for a good photo editting/slideshow editting program, anyone got some ideas?

The pictures are in chronological order of the Kickstarter Update (IIRC: From Update #1 to about Update #75-#80).

anameforobsidian (the post above this one) has also included videos. A bit of a nostalgia trip in itself :p

What a ride :)

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