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Interested in DS3, trying to decide between,

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Trying to decide If I want to get this game, ive looked up info, and youtube vids.

I kind of wanted to Get D3, but I dunno, so if anyone can compare them?

I looked up some of the charcter spells, and what not, it looks like each character only gets like 10 spells or so?


So my questions are.

* How diverse are the characters, with only 10 spells per character I don't see a whole lot of viable builds.

* Is the game quick hack and slash, or more like an RPG?  I don't want to take forever to level up ^_^

* Is it easy to coop with other players?  and do people still play?  I want to jump in to ''act 1 sart'' and be able to teleport to other players, and start fighting bad guys with other players, is it this easy?



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I liked Dungeon Siege 3 immensely, however my taste is not mirrored by many so I can't vouch for that being enough of a recommendation.



A very strong, logical and sensible narrative.

The combat is reactive and quick.

Perks are given frequently and reinforce ones playstyle.

There are a few ways to build your characters, and each character is fairly diverse.

The boss fights are quite spectacular and tough.

Difficulty is on the whole pleasingly challenging, and unlike the original Dungeon Siege the game doesn't play itself.

The plot will react to certain of your choices, and your ending will be different consdiering them.

Lots of loot.

The cast is largely very likable, Reinhart and Katarina especially so.

Playable offline.



Linear, maybe a touch too much.

PC controls (M&K) are far more gruelling than a controller.

Not much world reactivity.

Builds arise from skills far more than equipment, unlike D3. Not sure if a con?

The camera angle is a touch too restrictive.

In co-op you are forced to stay far too near your partner.

I don't think the game still has a large fan base, but I only play couch co-op with my lad.

The respawning can be somewhat irritating.

Lots of loot.

Lucas and Anjali pale in comparison to their counterparts, and are a bit too earnest.


Addendum: The expansion is very good, highly recommended if you choose to purchase the game. Just for clarification I haven't played Diablo 3.

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D3 is really boring after the first day or how ever long it takes you to get through a play through. You can get more life out of the game if you play it on hardcore, but it is really just a grind. D3 feels the same no matter who you play pew pew run pew pew.


In DS3 the combat is tactical on harder difficulty which keeps battles fresh and tactics change depending on what toons you are a playing. I would go with DS3.

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