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Re-Balancing Patch

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Now it's clearer. (Considering only one person replied to my previous post and I really can't imagine others are fine with the difficulty)

The easy difficulty has been the biggest complaint about this game, because it activly prevents us to enjoy the games combat systems as much as they could be enjoyed. Rather at this point toying with the systems is just a way to get combat fly by faster. And considering all the animation work spent on enemies I can't imagine that being the original goal.


Please provide us with this improvement down the line.

(And to others please reply to this topic if you agree)

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The difficulty issues IMO stem from several different things... like the generous the availability of money/junk, overpowered equipment, and lack of dynamic enemy behaviour in combat (even if they blocked attacks like the player can part of the time and used consumables I'd be happy). It would also be nice if characters were given more stats (similar to RPGs like Baldur's Gate) to allow for some more complex mechanics. Also they should increase the amounts of experience you need to level, I never really had to grind in the game to beat a boss (in fact the only difficult fight I encountered was Al Gore).

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