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  1. +1 The difficulty issues IMO stem from several different things... like the generous the availability of money/junk, overpowered equipment, and lack of dynamic enemy behaviour in combat (even if they blocked attacks like the player can part of the time and used consumables I'd be happy). It would also be nice if characters were given more stats (similar to RPGs like Baldur's Gate) to allow for some more complex mechanics. Also they should increase the amounts of experience you need to level, I never really had to grind in the game to beat a boss (in fact the only difficult fight I encount
  2. IIRC only checkpoint saves will be overwritten. It doesn't overwrite manual saves, so as long as you don't save over your previous file, you can start new characters.
  3. It is a really fun game, but in terms of the amount of content compared to other AAA games, the pricetag seems to be based more on the South Park brand than how much time you'll get out of it. It is a really fun game, and it has some replayability with the different classes and hardcore difficulty, but it still has some trouble justifying the price. I mean, comparing the complexity and size of the environments of The Stick of Truth and TES: Skyrim, there is no reason why I'm paid the same price. I loved the game but... eh.
  4. Now, I should start by saying I just beat TSoT and I loved the game, it was really fun, and that these suggestions are based on my experience playing it. It would be nice to see some of these in the DLCs, and others patched into the core game. 1. Item Costs should be increased. Many of the higher level items, especially the katana, were pretty cheap and not at all hard to get. After the first few hours I had no shortage of money throughout the whole game, and I never even got around to selling any of the junk I picked up (and I picked up a lot of it). Either things need to be more expensive o
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