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Abortion Clinic mini game.. Help needed

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I'm having the same issue part 1 I can do fine, then when I get to the dilate portion I get killed every time, I'm on 360, but I've gone clockwise, counter-clockwise, pressed in on the stick, and even stopped and still the same result everytime.

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Are you just doing counter-clockwise once?  You're supposed to keep circling counter-clockwise until the objective is met.


Other than that, I didn't find the control required too fast spinning to keep in the right range playing on the PS3 (it wasn't slow, either though!).

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Out of all the things I've seen on TV, games, and certain things outside of those realms, I've not be disgusted by anything. HOWEVER, seeing the death during Step 2 almost a dozen times, has become almost literally sanity destroying (definitely rage inducing, and I'm not generally like that with anything).

I'm ready to get rid of this game because of a scene I can't seem to get out of.

I rotate the stick, sometimes I hear Randy say the second thing about 'agape' (glargh), then he dies. I've read to rotate the thumbstick faster, he dies faster basically. I stop moving the thumbstick after he speaks, and nothing happens, death a moment later. I've even switched controllers with my neighbor for an hour, nothing helps.


Can you just update this scene Obsidian, to where you can skip it holding down the B button or something?

It's basically a cutscene. Just interactive. Except nobody wants to actually interact with it, because it KILLS YOU REPEATEDLY. :banghead:

The only thing I find remotely humurous in this scene at this point, is that ridiculous song that plays during, lol.
If it will salvage your dignity, just add an achievement that you skipped this scene, with no points involved. I frankly don't care.

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Well, I got rid of it after I FINALLY got to step 3, and the moment I hit the A button to begin, it failed me. I literally don't even know what happened. I couldn't get past step 2 again, so I just went and returned it before I broke the game in half. I liked the game up until that point, was having fun and laughed a lot more during this game than others that are supposed to do that.

This cutscene/minigame just ruined it though. Until I hear about an update, I'm not getting it again, because it would just be a waste of time.

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