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Just wanted to say a big thank you to Obsidian

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IM a big fan of South Park, ive never heard of this studio or its games


however, judging by the trailer and the massive input from Mark / trey, i can safely say i am so pumped and will be heading to a store in Manchester, England to pick up my copy ASAP.

This looks legtimately loyal to the series, so if all goes well, you will not only be respected by the worldwide audience of south park, but also followed.

However, if this game is bad, prepare to be burned at the stake.


Good times!

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Obsidian is awesome! I am a huge South Park and Obsidian fan, if you enjoy this you should check out there other games! (especially Fallout New Vegas, Mask Of The Betrayer, Never Winter Nights 2, Alpha Protocol and KOTOR2). Hope this one is good to, so far it looks like it!

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Just started playing and hijacking your thread.


I'm loving it and have no doubts about this being a gem of a purchase.

I hope it's a big commercial success because you guys deserve it!


Can't wait for Eternity now :)

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