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I found the party AI in the Infinity Engine games to be horrible and I always turned it off before doing anything else in the game.  I used pause whenever I needed to assign commands.  I think that setup does best at providing the feeling that you are actually controlling an entire party.


That said, I'm also a fan of customizable AI like FFXII's gambits and what DA:O tried, even if there's still a long way to go before it finds its role.  Even being able to customize things like priority (attack, but don't break CC unless I make you!) and pursuit range for auto-attack, and warnings like "Help!  Get this thing off me!" (perhaps with a pause option on a character by character basis) would be things I'd like to see find their way into more games.

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The AI guy, well one of them, did an AMA on reddit a while back. Turns out he is the one behind the AI in DS3, which reportedly is quite good.


I am pretty sure the same algorithms and architecture if not the same code will be used in PoE, so I am expecting it to be at least just as good as DS3. Unfortunately I haven't played that game so I don't have a first hand account of it.





I am an AI specialist and built all of the AI from the ground up on DS3. After DS3 I worked on getting South Park's AI system setup before moving over to the (now cancelled) North Carolina project. I'm super excited to be working on Project Eternity now, building the kind of game that inspired me to get into the industry.

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